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Club Race Nights: Club nights generally held at Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre on the first Friday  of each month at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre from 6pm. The program for the night is published in advance and entries close the Wednesday prior. $5 entry fee. Click HERE for further information.


Development Meets: meets for Junior Swimmers

  • To enter and compete in a Development meet you need to be a member of the Annette Kellerman Swim Club (not just the AKAC training program). 
  • For new swimmers, development meets are usually the first type of meet you compete in. They are run in a similar style to most school carnivals with the addition of some events.
  • Development meets are designed to encourage new swimmers to compete with swimmers of a similar standard so they gain confidence in a racing environment with the emphasis on participation and having fun.
  • New swimmers can use development meets to gain qualifying times for other meets such as qualifying meets, Country and State meets.
  • Swimmers are rarely disqualified at development meets but officials may speak to them if they have done something wrong. Swimmers should not be upset by this: it is so they will learn and improve.
  • Coaches will usually try to identify one development meet every 2-3 months.
  • If a swimmer does not have a time for a particular event (NT) then these meets are an excellent opportunity to achieve an entry time to enter qualifying meets.
  • There is rarely an entry limit on how many races a swimmer can enter for a development meet however 4-5 is usually a good balance. Swimmers should, where comfortable, try to enter 100m events to begin to develop their race skills for higher level competition.
  • Each Swimmer must have a parent present to assist in timekeeping duties if required. Usually a timekeeper is rostered on for one hour.


Qualifying Meets: qualifying meets for junior and competitive swimmers

  • Qualifying Meets are the next level of Swimming Meet after development meets.
  • Qualifying meets often have set times that need to be met in order to swim- (qualifying times). You must have a time faster than or equal to the qualifying time in the Swimming NSW Results Database.
  • Officials at qualifying meets will disqualify swimmers for incorrect starts, strokes, turn and finishes.
  • In NSW most qualifying meets are held at SOPAC and are attended by many clubs.
  • The higher standard of competition at these meets means swimmers are more focused on PB's (personal bests) and gaining qualifying times for representative meets.
  • Qualifying meets will be listed on the Swimming NSW website here while targeted qualifying meets are listed on our website here.


Representative Meets: meet information and qualifying times for representative level meets (area meets and above).

  • There are 4 main levels of representative swimming in NSW. Simply reaching the qualifying time for these meets is an achievement in itself as these meets are meant to represent the serious levels of competitive swimming in NSW.
  1. Area Championships: Held twice a year. Winter Short Course (25m pool) in ~June and Summer Long Course (50m pool) in November (Senior) or February (Junior). These meets represent an opportunity for the clubs to put their biggest team forward. They feature every Olympic event for each gender and a range of relays.
  2. Metropolitan Championships: The opportunity for swimmers to compete against the best swimmers in Metropolitan Sydney. Qualifying times are something to be proud of, and unlike in school swimming, there are qualifying times.
  3. State Championships: There are several State Championship meets a year:- Open Water State (December), Long Course Summer State Age (December – Senior & March - Junior), Long Course State Open (March), Short Course State Age (August), and Short Course State Open (September). These meets are critical in athlete development the dates are posted well in advance and swimmers should be aware of the qualifying times and meet dates when planning holidays and breaks.
  4. National Championships: There are 4 National Championships a year Australian Open Championships, Australian Open Water Championships, GHSF Australian Age Championships and Australian Short Course Championships. Swimmers achieving this level have shown continued commitment to swimming over a period of time. As such, many universities reward athletes who achieve national qualifying times with scholarships, consideration, and on some occasions bonus ATAR points.
  • AKAC Swim Club wishes to congratulate all our NSW and National representatives on their achievement.
  • Prior to these meets, an eligibility report will be emailed to members and posted to this website. This report will notify which swimmers are eligible to enter the above events. However swimmers should also be aware of these standards as they are a great goal setting tool to track your progress in the sport.




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