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Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre is the proud home of AKAC Swim Club. It is supported by both Belgravia Leisure and Inner West Council as the competitive and social club for swimmers at Annette Kellerman. There are many benefits to being a member of AKAC Swim Club. Swimmers become part of a team making swimming a more social sport within the group rather than simply “swimming back and forth.”

Swimming clubs generate a lot of community support throughout Australia and encourage Australians to get active and participate in local sport that is a sport for life. Australia is known world-wide for our outstanding swimming performances in Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Swimming championship arenas.

But being a member of your local swim club offers more than just a pathway to the Olympics. It offers a pathway to compete and see the progress that hard work represents; whilst allowing you to further a skill for life.

By being a member of AKAC Swim Club there are a range of benefits beyond the list below for being a member of any swimming club in NSW:

Eligible to compete at external carnivals targeted by the coaching staff to further swimmer development.

Receive a club uniform; all swimmers who join AKAC Swim Club receive a club shirt and club cap in their membership.

Eligible for end of season point score awards. Swimmers who are a member of AKAC Swim Club are the only swimmers eligible to set club records or to achieve point score trophies.

  • Be eligible to be involved in AKAC Swim Club social activities or camps.
  • Be eligible to be involved in Swimming NSW organised area camps
  • Opportunity to form long lasting friendships formed at social events and meets.
  • Experience all levels of competition
  • Receive support, assistance and other development opportunities for Multi-Class swimmers from Swimming NSW, Swimming Australia and Disability Sporting Associations
  • Eligible for the Junior Excellence Award Program recognising the development in swimmers aged between 9-16 years who have achieved certain standards and are rewarded with a JX swim cap or JX shirt, poster and certificate of achievement
  • Are assured Comprehensive Injury Insurance Cover
  • Are assured qualified and trained Technical Officials officiate at all meets run under the Swimming NSW Competition Structure
  • Are protected by the Swimming Australia Safe Sport Framework for acceptable behavior relating to swimmers, coaches, parents, officials and general spectators.


At the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre race nights are open to all members of the squads program however point score trophies are based on improving your times throughout the season and club records are set for the fastest person ever in those events at race nights. These opportunities are only available to members of AKAC Swim Club.



How to join the Club:

Memberships are done through the Swimming NSW site called 'Swim Central'. 

As new members, you will first need to set up an account for yourself as the parent/carer on Swim Central. Then you can set up a 'family group' and add your kid/s as swimming members. The instructions for how to do this can be found by clicking HERE.   

Once you have logged in and set up a family account, then you can purchase a membership for your kid/s. The guide to do this can be found by clicking HERE.   When doing this, you will need to 'impersonate' your child to purchase their membership. You will also need to 'unlock' the lock by entering your 4 digit pin number.

In the shopping search tool bar,  type "AKAC" and memberships options will be shown.  For the 2020/21 season, costs are: 9 yrs & over membership is $130;  8 & under membership is $120; non-swimmers is $25. Add the correct membership to the trolley to purchase. NSW Active Kids Vouchers can also be used at the point of purchase. 


Contact us at for further information about the registration process.

Swim Central - How to?

For further information about how to navigate Swim Central, including how to enter a meet - click HERE





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