AKAC Swimming Club FAQs


1.  Why join the club?


  • To have some fun
  • To practice racing in a familiar friendly environment
  • Learn how to marshal and block etiquette
  • Get feedback from an official (so you don’t get disqualified if you did it in a real race)
  • Prepare for school carnivals

2. Do I have to join the club to compete at races?


Yes – All Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW events require you to be a member of an affiliated swim club to compete. You also need to be a member to attend monthly race nights however you can try it out twice before joining.

To enter external races can be a bit tricky at first. The way racing works can defy logic at times. The club is here to help this process. Our race secretary enters the races for you or if they are individual online entries can show you how to do this.

3. Can I try before I buy?


Yes – We invite you to trial at a club race night. Due to insurance rules, Swimming NSW will only allow 2 trial club races before joining the club.

4. How much does it cost?


Currently $110 per year. Renewal date is 1 October.

5. What do I get for my money?


  • Affiliation with Swimming NSW and Australian Swimming.
  • AKAC Club swim cap to be worn at all external events
  • Ability to compete in Swimming NSW and Australian Swimming events (subject to meeting qualifying times)
  • Ability to compete in club nights (no qualifying times) to practice racing and be eligible for end of season prizes.


6. Do I need to buy a uniform?


No – you will be given a cap, which you need to wear at external swim meets. You will also receive a club t-shirt.

Please see the club merchandise website page for other items you may wish to purchase.


7. Do I need to help out?


How much you help out is up to you, however it is a great way to get to know others. An easy ways to help out is put your hand up for timekeeping at club nights. Easy to do and a great opportunity to ask your fellow timekeeper all the ‘how do I’ questions.

The club is run by volunteers – so there is always something to do if you want to help out. Over 18 members are also welcome to attend committee meetings and vote at the AGM.


8. What if I am already a member at another club?


You should be a member of the club associated with the squads you attend. However you can be a ‘second claim’ member at another club if you want to keep in contact with that club. This means when you race externally, you race for AKAC but can still attend the other club races. Ask for more info if required.


9. How old do I need to be?


There is no upper or lower age limit! You just need to love racing and be able to swim the distance in a race.


10. Is it only for ‘good’ swimmers?


No - The club is intended to support the squad program so it is ideal for anyone in mini through to gold squad. The purpose is to prepare all swimmers for racing.

At club race nights, points (and end of season prizes) are awarded to the swimmer who has improved the most and not the fastest swimmer.


11. Is it only for children?


No – we have adult members who just love to race.


12. How can I find out more?


Visit the website – www.akac.swimming.org.au or email the Secretary – aksc.thesecretary @gmail.com or chat to Mark Bull on pool deck.




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